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Rehabilitation Specialist

Richard T. Hui, DC, PC

Chiropractor & Wellness Center located in New York, NY

Rehabilitation after an injury, a surgical procedure or an accident can be challenging. However, there’s no reason people can't recover fully with the help of natural chiropractic care methods. Richard T. Hui, DC, PC serves patients in the New York, New York area, helping them heal and achieve optimal wellness in a non-invasive way.

Rehabilitation Q&A

Why do patients need rehabilitation?

This can vary by patient. Most people who opt for a chiropractic rehabilitation program are looking for a natural path to healing that is still highly effective. Many rehabilitation patients are people who have dealt with a chronic pain problem for many months or years, such as back pain sufferers. This back pain may have originally started because of an accident, but the pain may have never truly gone away. A rehabilitation program can help the patient achieve freedom from pain at last. Another reason that people may need a chiropractic rehabilitation program is following major surgery. As a patient recovers from a procedure like a hip replacement, they'll need to strengthen the new hip and learn how to move properly. A rehabilitation program can help with both. Many people who suffer from sports injuries opt for chiropractic rehabilitation because it's a natural but effective way to get full functionality back.

What is the goal of a chiropractic rehab program?

The goal of a chiropractic rehabilitation program is to help the patient heal by addressing the root cause of their condition. Chiropractic is a long term solution because it prevents the pain trigger completely rather than just masking it. A chiropractic rehabilitation program then teaches the patient how to stabilize the injury, how to grow stronger, and how to prevent a similar injury in the future.

What does chiropractic rehabilitation include?

A chiropractic rehabilitation program will be unique to each patient and is based on individual needs. For most patients, rehabilitation will focus on specific ways of strengthening the body, which in turn prevents re-injury. For example, a patient who suffered from a back injury can learn core strengthening exercises that will provide excellent muscle support for the spine. This will make the body much more resistant to damage and future injury.


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